I'm A Dork...Bloghop Failure

I attempted to be part of my first ever bloghop today. (Leave it to me to mess up the ever important link though.) Gheesh! Can you say dork?

So on the list below... my When I Grow Up Blogpost #18 (is the mistake--it goes nowhere), #26 is the correct one. I was super excited to try this link up, because it will hopefully turn me on to some blogs by women over 45 --- and maybe direct some new readers my way! I'd like to find women in my age group who blog about similar perspectives, and experiences more in tune with what is currently happening in my life. I love to read about the exploits of little ones, it reminds me of so many happy times, but truthfully, I could use some advice from others dealing with cranky teens.

I'm feeling just a little bit like an old timer. Check out some of these blogs. There is still time for you to add your blog to the list. (If not this week, then next!)