And She's Off....

I'm off on a plane (gulp) this morning to visit the Cascades Paper mill in St. Jerome, Quebec, Canada.

Send me a little confidence, will you?

I'm not much of a traveler, definitely not a comfortable flyer, and I am a nervous nellie with all the restrictions on flights these days. It'll be just my luck that the first time I travel with a passport I will cause some kind of international incident.

Here's hoping I don't set off metal detectors or look really nervous/guilty fumbling through the security check.

You can take a razor on a plane, right? There is no way I am spending three days without shaving my legs. Nuh uh!

There's probably no chance for a glass of wine at 8 am is there?

Breathe, Terri.

Wish I had time to visit some of my canadian blogger friends while I was there!

And she's off.

How about you, do you travel well?