There Is Hope In My Heart

Will there finally be peace?

Many of you who read this blog know what has been going on with my son Mitch's relationship. It has made for one tough year in our house. In case you are new to this is the post that explains things a little more. I know that both parties in a breakup are hurting, and I do not mean to make light of a tough situation, but I believe that in the long run, toxic relationships need to come to an end. And I cannot help but feel relief, peace and a bit of happiness that progress is finally being made.

Pinch me, please.

Did I really hear the words I have been waiting to hear for so long now come out of my son's mouth tonight?

"I think I want to break up with her."

Cue the music.

Okay, it is probably completely inappropriate to do a happy dance when someone says that, isn't it?

Don't worry, I refrained.

But that is how I feel right now.

When he said he wanted to talk to me as soon as I got home, I figured he just wanted to ask again if he could see her tonite. The obligatory be-nice-to-mom conversation in hopes that it might butter me up enough so I will say yes to letting him see her this time.

But time after time I have said no, because he has not done his job as a student, his number one priority right now, and as a result I cannot allow him those kind of privileges.  It is more draining than I can even say to have those conversations.

When he said instead that he has been thinking about breaking up with her I am pretty sure I first did a head clearing shake...then, realizing I had heard correctly, had to restrain myself from jumping for joy.

This single event would eliminate so much stress from our lives. And from Mitch's life. Maybe I will get my son back again. Oh please, I have missed him soooooo much.

Mike and I took our evening walk tonite with a little pep in our step, and hope in our hearts. He asked if we should call his mom, whom he had spoken to on the phone last night, to tell her that all her prayers had  worked.

Then we immediately decided that no, we can't tell her yet. Because we have been through this before and it didn't last.What if the same thing happens again and they get back together?

We definitely need those prayers. Still.

Alec actually did a happy dance in the hall when I clued him in on what might be happening.

But the fact that there is hope, there is forward progress in this heart wrenching saga, is so freeing.

I want to do that happy dance right here and now.