A Big Smile and A Huge Sigh Of Relief

I am here. At my cottage. Finally. The winter seemed long and the spring has been cold, gray and rainy. Right now, the kids are watching a movie, Mike is hanging with the neighbor and I am sipping a glass of red wine and savoring the moment. There will be other cottage neighbors up here this holiday weekend, thank goodness! I love bunches of people, a good party, (er, happy hour), and some karaoke.

There is probably no way it will be as nice up here this year as it was last Memorial Weekend. We skied, we tubed, we were in the water pretty much the whole weekend last year. I think the water is super cold out there right now, but I am not positive as I haven't gotten down to touch it. We got here tonite and since then I have been unloading, unpacking and realizing that despite having filled the van to the brim with food and supplies, I still forgot things. Like butter, and Fantastic, and well, the list keeps growing.

How is it that I can never remember what I have brought up north already and what I was supposed to bring up? Thus, the reason I have two of Sadie's containers of peanut butter and 5 (count em) 5 bags, of blue corn chips. Oops. If I hadn't of been in such a hurry at Sam's Club today, I might have went back to the far reaches of the store for that jar of salsa I had forgotten, darn it. I should have.

This weekend I plan to accomplish nothing. Okay, so that is not really true. I am a doer. I will walk, do some beach yoga, maybe organize the cottage a little, take some awesome pics outdoors with Sadie for this blog, visit with my summer friends who I have missed dearly since Labor Day, and work on this blog. Plus of course, I'll make some good food along the way.

I have been in super speed mode all week. I think it is time for a little crash. And hopefully some forward progress. I hope your Memorial weekend rocks.