The Planets Did Not Align, But I Feel Beautiful Anyway

Today is my anniversary. It marks 26 years of being married to my best friend!

Not being the kind of folks who do things up big (ever), we chose to go out to lunch together. You'd think that because it is our anniversary celebration, I should be feeling dazzling today. I should be feeling flirty, sexy, adorable, desirable....or at least I should make every attempt to pretend I'm feeling like that, right?

Truth is--I find myself wishing I'd worn something different for the day, something more sexy, or straightened my hair, instead of doing just the front where I can reach it, or put on some makeup to spruce myself up. Gheesh, it is after all, a celebration of 26 years together. Crud. I don't want him looking across the table and thinking he made a mistake all those years ago!

But let's be real. It is not often that the planets align and I find myself feeling "beautiful", or even "pretty". Usually something drags me down; a bad hair day, a bloated midsection, an ill fitting wardrobe choice, or heaven forbid more zits. (Yes, at 48+ this is still a waay too often occurrence, what the heck?).

Pretty sure I was worried about zits 26 years ago at my wedding. Some things never change do they?

Unfortunately this was not a day those planets aligned for me.

But the most awesome thing is that at the end of the day, he still thinks I am beautiful. And he makes me feel that way. I am a lucky girl.

Gotta love that. :)

Happy 26th, honey.