What I'd Really Like For Mother's Day

Several years ago the boys made me a card with two
photos in it. This one...(check out Mitch's cheesy grin)
...and this one! Waaay better than a store
bought card, eh?

So I've been thinking, this year, what I'd really like for Mother's Day is:

  • A house that could clean itself
  • Cupboards that will replentish themselves
  • Dinner that will miraculously appear ready to eat each night
  • My children to actually follow my advice (instead of do the opposite)
  • A massage every day (okay, okay once a week!)
  • Sunshine, everytime I want to lay out

Huh? What?

Oops, sorry I was day dreaming there for a minute....realistically I'll settle for a hug, and an "I love you, Mom."

Think I'd be pushing it to wish for a "Thanks for all you do?"

Wait...don't answer that, at least maybe the sun will cooperate today.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful (overworked &  under-appreciated) moms out there. You kick butt!