Singing In The Real World/Happy 21st Sadie

L to R: Sadie & Me

This picture was taken late last summer. Sadie and I had a little "girl time" together at the cottage before the rest of the crew joined us. At that time I wasn't sure how much longer we would even have "girl time" together. She was making plans to go to Texas to visit her biological mom and wasn't sure what would happen after that, if she would come back, or stay in Texas.

Woo hoo! Lucky for us, she came back just after Christmas.

Today we celebrate her 21st birthday. It is really tomorrow, April 17, but who wants to celebrate your 21st on a Sunday? I find it interesting that many moons ago, when I was a senior at CMU (Central Michigan University) I too, celebrated my 21st birthday at midnight on a Saturday, because mine fell on a Sunday.

We are having dinner here with some of her close friends, then warming up with some karaoke in our basement....yes we are basement karaokers..and, tonite we are going out into the real world to share our "talent".

And we have talent, too.

Not me, so much, I am the back up chick. But Sadie can sing. I love her voice. Actually everyone in our little group can really sing. I just want to sing. 

This will be the third time I am lucky enough to celebrate her birthday with her. Last year, I think she sort of thought she was celebrating her 21st.

That didn't go so well.

Now just so you don't get the wrong impression of me, I should mention that the drinking part of last year's birthday did not occur until after she left the celebration at our house. I do not condone underage drinking, well...there was a time I gave my eldest kid money for jello shots, but that is another story. And maybe not quite what you think...

I may have mentioned before that Sadie has two moms, and then there is me. Not a mom, but I sometimes treat her as if I am her mom. Which as you can imagine, makes for some rocky roads around here some days. 

But today we will decorate, we will cook, we will clean, we will party, we will drink (a little) and then we will go out in the real world and shine.

Happy almost 21 Sadie! I love you.