I'm A Happy Girl

So as most of you know I had surgery on Tuesday. And I've decided that you have to be a special person to be a nurse. Yipes. I sure wouldn't have wanted me as a patient.

Not that I was mean or anything (and not to share TMI), but I was kinda gross. And they took such good care of me, as if I wasn't. Thank you nursing staff at Spectrum Downtown. You are awesome.

Lord only knows what things I said, pretty sure I was incoherent most of the day. One nurse, on her way out the door when it was apparent that I wasn't meeting the requirements to go home for the evening, stopped to say that it was okay that I didn't make it home on the same day as my surgery, a lot of people don't.

I must have had sad eyes. I appreciated that she saw my need to hear that, and it made me feel less like a failure or a wimp.

All is good now. I made it home yesterday morning. It helped that it was a gorgeous day. I sat out in the sun for a bit. Had my sweet three year old niece call me and say she was stopping by with my sister for a visit. What a surprise, and what a bonus, she brought me a People and an O Magazine. Such a treat as I rarely buy magazines!

My aunt dropped by with fresh flowers....so nice to brighten up the house.

And my mom stopped in with a chicken casserole and spinach salad (how do mom's always know what you are craving?...)

Then my sweet husband, who spent all day and all night with me at the hospital, which I guarantee wasn't too exciting as I couldn't keep my eyes open, fixed my computer. Darn viruses.

I'm a happy girl.

It is so nice to be loved.