There Is A First Time For Everything...

So let me start by saying (for those of you who are new to my blog) that surprising even myself, I have allowed someone who wasn't born to me, to live in my house, under my roof. By that I mean, someone who is not part of my biological family, but who lives with us like she is. See earlier post

Okay, maybe that is not weird to you, but it is totally weird to me. I never, ever, ever imagined that this would be me. I thought my friends who took in children were downright nuts.

Until I met Sadie. And well, she stole my heart. But to just say she "lives with us" is a gross injustice. I love Sadie. If there was a way she would let me adopt her, at age almost 21, I would do it in a heartbeat. But she already has two other "moms", and she doesn't need me, I am just the one she lives with. And that sometimes hurts a little.

Today was a milestone for me, and for Sadie. I had my first pedicure with my 'wish-she-was-my-daughter" and she, had her first pedicure EVER. Next weekend is her 21st birthday, and next week is my hysterectomy. I wanted "pretty toes" for this event, and she was a reluctant participant.

Until partway through the pedicure, when the foot massage started. And then, she was sold. Sadie now wants to go back the last Friday of every month for a pedicure. Funny, considering she snarfed at me the last time I suggested she even consider having one done with me! (I had to cancel our appointment and do my own toes).

Hee hee. The price tag for a once-a-month pedicure is a little too steep for me, I only manage to go about once a year.

Which is why I was a lot embarrassed as we sat in the pedicure chair. Her lovely young feet were done approximately a half an hour before mine. Oops. They got out tools they never even considered using on her sweet feet, to "fix" mine. Talk about lack of self esteem....

Okay in my defense, I am a yoga instructor, I am in bare feet a lot. And let's face it people, I am o-l-d. Aren't your feet supposed to get gross when you are o-l-d? They worked a lot harder on my feet than they did on hers. A fact she didn't mind pointing out...

But to me it wasn't about that. I loved having the day with her, enjoying new things, and getting the chance to spend some quality "girl" time together. It was kind of a luxury, since I am a "pink"  in a sea of blue. (I totally stole that from another UBP blog, thanks btw...) I had two boys and no girls. She is the daughter I never had.

Here is a pic of our pedicured toes.

L to R:  Sadie & Me:  Post Pedicure

P.S. Yes, I have ugly feet people. My toes are webbed. So, what does that make me... no, not a good swimmer, but maybe... imperfectly perfect.

Thank you Sadie, for a perfect day.