Thanks For The Memories

You can tell Alec loves being in make up.

So I went and watched the Civic Theatre's production of  Hello, Dolly! a couple of weeks ago and wow did it bring back some great memories. One year ago this week we were in full Hello, Dolly! production. And one year ago today, was opening night.

Oh, how I miss it.

For those three days that it felt like Spring around GR last week, it even smelled like musical time. I instantly felt that little twinge in my gut. The feeling of memory and longing. Then I was reminded of  my sweet son Alec and how I missed spending that time with him, and also the show's directors, Dan and Ella Morgan, and all the other talented kids with their unique and crazy personalities. 

I realized I miss everything about it.

Being part of the Hello, Dolly! musical last spring and the Annie musical the spring before, made the  depressing Michigan spring weather mix, tolerable. Who cares about the gray weather when there are so many things to do? I enjoyed the organizing, the sense of being needed, the time spent hanging out with all the kids, and just the general excitement of being behind the scenes.

And more than anything, I loved that last year the four of us got to do it as a family. I realized recently that it will be a while before we are able to do anything so major together again, as a family. In fact, there may never be another time.

And that makes me a little sad.

Just the other day someone related a personal story that changed his life. He once heard an interview with an african american woman who started college after she turned fifty. When asked why, she said she wanted to look back at her life without any should haves or wish I would haves. So, she went for it.

The retelling of this story reminded me that perspective is an interesting thing. It is really hard to find perspective while you are in the midst of living your day to day life. But then, as you age, perspective becomes clearer. But by that time, for many, it is too late. The opportunity has passed.

I guess that is why I celebrate the musical time we had together as a family, because it really did open my eyes, as well as my heart. I got to see my children from another perspective, and I got to really see other children. What their lives are like, what their living situations are like, and that each kid faces their own unique set of daily challenges. It gave me some much needed perspective.

What I have learned, is that life is really short. Time with your children goes by super fast. It is easy to get caught up in the activites and the milestones, the day to day, until one day you slow down and understand how short your time really was.... babies grow up, children graduate, and then...they're off.

So treasure the moments, folks. And enjoy the memories.

P.S. Here are a few of my photo memories from the City & Union High School's production of Hello, Dolly! 2010.

Mitch, on the other hand, really hates being in makeup.

Holy Caboozes!

Oliver & Kamil, what hams.

Aww, LeAnna