It Has Been 21 Days Since I Posted....Holy Cow!

Oh my goodnesss, I apologize. I have no excuse for having neglected this blog for so long.

Granted, it's been a long three weeks, but that is still no excuse.

I am happy to say... that things are finally looking up!

I finally feel better. I finally have a plan. I finally see progress. Life is good.

I think I should call the week before last my "confrontation" week. Yipes. I spent more time discussing, confronting, and debating than a person ever should have to. And most of that was in one day. So much so that it gave me a sore throat, and then that turned into the dreaded crud.

I've been kind of laying low ever since, but am happy to report that everything is on the mend. I have a voice back and for the most part, I have stopped blowing my nose.

First off, my doctor is awesome.  A W E S O M E!

Despite the bump in the road with the failed ablation, his response to that unsuccessful procedure goes above and beyond. Everyone should have a doctor like him. That said, I still have a big 'ole decision ahead of me, what to do next? The most likely next step is a hysterectomy,  or I can choose to live with my symptoms and see what happens. Not a comforting thought since my symptoms drove me to the doctor in the first place, and I am not one to seek medical treatment for a "little" pain.

So I wonder what are the odds that a second surgery would go awry? I was in the unlucky .5% of women who have failed ablations, but do your odds increase or decrease with another different surgery? Hmmm. Something to think about...

The optimistic side of me hopes that nothing like that is ever going to happen to me again, and if it does, I will be in the .5% for something wonderful like winning the lotto instead!

The plan.

So my plan is that more surgery is planned for April. The details have to be worked out, but it will happen. Cross your fingers for me that this time around goes much better.

The progress.

I cannot tell you how rewarding and inspiring it is to feel like you are making a difference in someone's life. I am amazed every day by Sadie. Watching her "parent" her little brother, is a little bit humorous and a lot satisfying. She has learned so much in the last year, about being true to herself, about following her gut and about realizing what you have.

Life is good.