You're Kidding Right?

During my holiday break the tv was I normally have no time for tv. This happened to be The View. Victoria Beckham was showing off her fashion line.

Okay first, she said something like, "It really is so hard to be a mum." Right....with your million (or is it billion) dollar income and slew of nannies and assistants, it must be tough.


Then we moved on to her fashion line, designed to celebrate a woman's curves. Um, have you seen her lately. She has NO how do you design clothes to fit women with curves if you don't have any yourself? 

Let me just say this does not instill any confidence in me.


Then I got to see the first design. Hmmm, nice color.  Not the type of dress I would choose for a person with curves though. 

And what the heck is that?

There is not a zipper all the way up the back, right? How is that even possible?

She is rambling on about how you can zip it all the way down for daytime wear and make it sexier for night time.

All I can think of is... so I would need help to get my dress on and off?  As in... I cannot put this on by myself?  What are you thinking Victoria?

Oh wait...that's right. She is surrounded by nannies and assistants (and paparazzi), how would she know us common folk don't always have help around to zip us?

Okay.. I think I need to turn off the tv and take a walk now. Enough is enough.


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