I love yoga.

I love it so much I decided to become a certified instructor without really knowing why I wanted to get certified. Once, near the end of a yoga class with my husband, I leaned over and said, I'm taking the instructor class to get certified. Without hesitation, he said okay. Now, I'm pretty sure if he had asked me that question, I would have said something like..."well how much is it, and what are you ever going to do with it?" But he didn't. He just nodded. How I love his faith in me.

Turns out, I had a plan all along, I just didn't know it. A year after taking the instructor's class through Yogafit, I got my certificate and realized that I really wanted to teach. I called GR Parks and Rec one afternoon last Spring on a whim. Funny thing, they needed an instructor because someone had just quit. So I signed up, and a week later, I was in front of a class. Fate?

I was scared to death that first day. I made so many mistakes, I even forgot what pyramid pose was called. But by the end of the Spring session, I was feeling a bit more comfortable. Summer came and went and I signed up to teach again this Fall. Two classes back to back on Monday nights. Eeek! I wondered if I could handle that. Turns out it has been the best experience for me.

That is why tonight is bittersweet for me. It marks the completion of another 10 week session teaching yoga through GR Parks & Rec. It's over....already. Just like a 55 minute class--it goes by so fast. I arrive, with big plans of what I want my class to accomplish that night, and then I look up at the clock, and it's time for Shavashana. Where did the time go?

I guess in a way, it is like life. Like parenting. You begin the journey, scared to death, on the day you take your baby home from the hospital ...and then, next thing you know--- they are going off to college. All I can say is, make sure you have fun along the way. Cuz it sure goes by fast. Bittersweet.'s like that.