Now I Get it

All my life I have admired those people who give back to their community by volunteering. While I streaked at break neck speed through years of my endless "to do" lists, I envied those who gave back. I have often said throughout my life that I have no real talent. And I meant it. I don't sing, or dance, or play a musical instrument. I can't knit or sew. I clean, I cook, I pack, I shop, I plan...not exactly what I would consider give backable talents.

But this week I learned something about myself. Gilda's Club has workshops for their members, and I volunteered to lead one on journal making and decorating. I recruited my mom, and my Aunt Lo to come along and help. What a fantastic experience. As I watched the group of women, each with their own unique life story and situation, work together to create their journals, I discovered that maybe I do have a talent. It might not be the big kind, the kind that gets you up on stage or that even gets you noticed, but the kind that you can use anywhere at anytime. The gift of hostessing. I like to make people happy and comfortable. To put them at ease. To have them leave feeling happy they came. I am by nature, a true hostess.

Maybe all these years it wasn't that I lacked talent or time, I just needed to hone my skills. I know one thing for sure, look-out-world the volunteer in me is here to stay. I can't wait to do it again.

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