Seriously...How Can That Be?

Ever notice the amount of teen facebook statuses saying that they are bored? I can't remember the last time I was actually bored, can you? Distracted, sure. But with today's endless choices of things to do, literally at our fingertips, how can teenagers really be bored? I cannot find enough time in my day to accomplish all the things I want to.

So maybe this is really code for something else. What if this is our teenagers way of saying they are not happy with what is "within" themselves? During quieter times, maybe they aren't finding what they need to get them through. Their inner strength; self confidence, self worth, love of themselves. The things I take for granted and help give me my daily direction. How can we expect them to grow into successful, happy adults if they don't have the proper inner foundation? It is a scary thought for me. Our children grew up in a world of constant and immediate entertainment, and yet they can be so bored.

Maybe we need to go "back to basics".

  Maybe we need to show them how to find joy in the simple things. To take a walk, with nowhere in mind to end up. To read a book, just because. To play a board game, one that uses brain power, not a power cord. To call a friend, not to facebook or text them, but to actually call and talk. Or to volunteer, not just because you need volunteer hours for school, but because there is a great feeling of self worth that comes from giving back.

Our children need to find their core. I hope it is not too late. Without my "gut" to follow, I fear I might have found myself  "bored as woah", as well.

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