The goal of any coaching relationship I begin is to provide guidance toward mind, body + soul wellness. 

Every person I meet is unique, therefore every coaching plan involves different modalities: yoga, reiki energy rebalancing, mindfulness, etc. While package rates are available, I prefer to work session by session to have the flexibility to adjust, as you do.


One On One Personal Coaching Session

Sometimes all that is needed for a person to move forward is a chance to tell their story to an open minded, objective empathetic listener who can offer a new perspective and ask the questions necessary to get you thinking in a new way. I dig down to the heart of the matter, then offer ideas and solutions for you to try in your own time. It has been my experience it might be weeks before you are ready to meet up again, if ever. For anyone I coach, an open line of communication via email is available if you need help getting back on course.

$50 for a One Hour Session

$120 Package Rate Available if Requested
Includes 3 one hour sessions, must be paid all at once.

Reiki Energy Rebalancing Session

Many of us are unaware of how much extra "junk" we take into our bodies from the noisy world around us. It can leave us feeling anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted and off balance. An energy rebalancing session will help soothe your mind, body + spirit, allowing you to feel calm and peaceful from your center, which in turn opens the door to greater clarity and healing.  

$50 for a One Hour Session